DraftKings, FanDuel Pulling In Comparable Income Figures Throughout NFL Week 9

Daily fantasy sportsbook websites DraftKings and FanDuel are producing roughly comparable quantities of income over a pattern of contests for the latest NFL Sunday.

The numbers at DraftKings and FanDuel

A sampling of the publicly viewable NFL Sunday Week 9 contests — together with assured prize swimming pools (GPP) and non-guaranteed contests — at DraftKings and FanDuel noticed by Authorized Sports activities Report present the websites each generated greater than USD2 million:

  • FanDuel: USD14.7 million in entry charges; USD12.3 million in prizes awarded; USD2.4 million income.
  • DraftKings: USD19.5 million in entry charges; USD17.1 million in prizes; USD2.4 million income.

Right here’s the disclaimer: The figures symbolize a big sampling of contests from Sunday, however don’t embrace all NFL contests or contests from different sportsbook (i.e. NBA, NHL). They merely level to how a lot cash is flowing by way of the DFS operators at a snapshot in time. In addition they don’t symbolize any figures being generated by non-public contests, into which LSR has no perception.

DraftKings and FanDuel don’t publicly touch upon nor confirm income figures for LSR. The figures above additionally wouldn’t account for any free entries that the 2 websites may give out to their customers.

For comparability’s sake…

All of the figures above have been a slight tick down from the Week 8 figures surveyed by LSR.

Here’s a have a look at knowledge for latest weeks of the NFL season, which embrace comparable samples of GPPs and non-guaranteed contests:

Web site Week Entry Charges Prizes Income
FanDuel Week 14 (12/11) USD12,588,207.00 USD10,736,846.80 USD1,851,360.20
DraftKings Week 14 (12/11) USD16,012,847.45 USD14,142,350.60 USD1,870,496.85
Yahoo Week 14 (12/11) USD331,664.00 USD302,584.13 USD29,079.87
FanDuel Week 13 (12/4) NA NA NA
DraftKings Week 13 (12/4) USD18,246,941.25 USD15,963,378.60 USD2,283,562.65
Yahoo Week 13 (12/4) USD492,316.20 USD446,191.33 USD46,124.87
FanDuel Week 12 (11/27) USD13,115,094.00 USD11,113,444.10 USD2,001,649.90
DraftKings Week 12 (11/27) USD17,209,868.50 USD15,487,467.70 USD1,722,400.80
Yahoo Week 12 (11/27) USD559,247.00 USD522,054.90 USD37,192.10
FanDuel Week 11 (11/20) USD14,168,626.00 USD11,783,829.00 USD2,384,797.00
DraftKings Week 11 (11/20) USD18,728,398.25 USD16,508,463.20 USD2,219,935.05
Yahoo Week 11 (11/20) USD455,461.00 USD422,795.00 USD32,666.00
FanDuel Week 10 (11/13) USD12,486,847.00 USD10,418,693.60 USD2,068,153.40
DraftKings Week 10 (11/13) USD15,004,462.65 USD13,118,480.70 USD1,885,981.95
Yahoo Week 10 (11/13) USD394,827.00 USD364,330.00 USD30,497.00
FanDuel Week 9 (11/6) USD14,734,450.00 USD12,328,371.80 USD2,406,078.20
DraftKings Week 9 (11/6) USD19,536,503.95 USD17,112,120.20 USD2,424,383.75
Yahoo Week 9 (11/6) USD352,777.50 USD324,174.30 USD28,603.20
FanDuel Week 8 (10/30) USD15,042,309.00 USD12,805,637.60 USD2,236,671.40
DraftKings Week 8 (10/30) USD20,709,367.00 USD18,911,203.00 USD1,798,164.00
Yahoo Week 8 (10/30) USD452,425.00 USD421,844.50 USD30,580.50
FanDuel Week 7 (10/23) USD17,167,606.00 USD14,413,725.70 USD2,753,880.30
DraftKings Week 7 (10/23) USD23,661,272.80 USD21,959,359.60 USD1,701,913.20
Yahoo Week 7 (10/23) USD678,420.00 USD671,729.50 USD6,690.00
FanDuel Week 6 (10/16) USD16,742,975.00 USD14,188,814.00 USD2,554,160.80
DraftKings Week 6 (10/16) USD25,466,355.00 USD23,444,927.00 USD2,021,428.00
Yahoo Week 6 (10/16) USD565,075.00 USD565,075.00 37,063.10

What’s subsequent for DraftKings and FanDuel?

Chatter on an “imminent” merger has cooled off after preliminary stories a couple of weeks in the past, however there has additionally been nothing to guide anybody to consider {that a} merger shouldn’t be nonetheless within the works. For now, the 2 websites proceed on as separate entities, working their very own contests.

For Week 10, DraftKings has an aggressive slate of GPPs that characteristic greater than USD10 million in prizes. That features a USD5 million assured Millionaire Maker with a buy-in of USD444. FanDuel caught with a comparatively regular slate of assured contests, together with two with prize swimming pools over 1,000,000 USD.